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Harvest and Ale: Restaurant Of The Month - July 2023!

Welcome to the culinary farm-to-table haven of Oakland, NJ, Harvest and Ale, our chamber's July 2023 Restaurant Of The Month! As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting local businesses and celebrating the vibrant food scene in our community, the Oakland Chamber of Commerce proudly supports Harvest and Ale - a true gem that embodies the essence of sustainable dining and local flavors.

Farm-to-Table Philosophy:

Harvest and Ale is more than just a restaurant; it's a philosophy that celebrates the beauty of locally sourced ingredients. Embracing the farm-to-table concept, Harvest and Ale partners with nearby farms, orchards, creameries, and purveyors to bring the freshest and most delectable ingredients to your plate. By carefully selecting each element of their dishes, they honor the region's rich agricultural heritage and support our local farmers.

A Culinary Journey:

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that will appeal to your taste buds. From the moment you step into Harvest and Ale, you are greeted with an inviting atmosphere and dishes crafted with love and passion. Indulge in their unique starters, such as the Goat Cheese Fritters - a delicious combination of walnut-crusted Valley Shepherd Creamery goat cheese, local organic honey, and a wild blueberry compote.

A Taste of Sustainability:

Harvest and Ale's dedication to sustainability goes beyond the kitchen. With each dish served, they showcase their commitment to the environment and the future of our planet. By sourcing locally and embracing eco-friendly practices, they reduce their carbon footprint while creating a lasting positive impact on our community.

The Ideal Gathering Place:

Harvest and Ale isn't just a restaurant; it's a place where memories are created. Whether you're dining with loved ones or celebrating a special occasion, the warm and inviting atmosphere provides the perfect setting. The friendly staff and impeccable service elevate your experience, making every visit an unforgettable memory.

Supporting Local Business:

As a proud supporter of local businesses, the Oakland Chamber of Commerce encourages our community to come together and embrace the farm-to-table magic at Harvest and Ale. By choosing to dine here, you not only indulge in exceptional cuisine but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our local economy.

Come Visit!

At Harvest and Ale, the magic of farm-to-table dining comes to life. As we celebrate Harvest and Ale as the July Restaurant Of The Month, we invite you to experience their flavors and support the vision of farm-to-table dining. Visit Harvest and Ale today, and experience the farm-to-table magic. Bon appétit!

Contributed by Betti Russo

OCoC Director of Restaurant Week and Restaurant of the Month

Real Estate Broker Associate with Keller Williams Prosperity

Photos: Harvest & Ale

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